Harmony Riders Memorial Barn

We would like to thank our sponsors for their generous support.
If we inadvertantly left your name out, please contact us and we will correct our list accordingly.

Gerald and Mary Stone –Stoney Hills Farm
Gerald and Mary Stone – in Memory of Beryl G. Stone Sr.
Gerald and Mary Stone – in Memory of William Lynch
Janet Diffin – in Memory of Diffin Dale Farm
Janet Diffin – in Memory of Diffin Dale Farm
Don Clark
David and Amy Stone – in Loving Memory of all those we have loved and lost
Hugh Gallagher - in Honor of UGA Boston Deli “George”
Lauren Canna - in Honor of Dudes Vaquero Kid “Ylee”
Marilyn Wood Laws - in Memory of I’m a Little Streaker, Ms Cody Jo
Judy Beales and Candice Zaia – in Memory of Royal-T
Mike and Theresa Fey - in Honor of Victoria Fey, First Barrel Race June 6, 2011
North Country Tack Box
Suzanne Schouten
VFW Post 369
Ernestine Hughes- Robin Manwaring, DM Performance, Wagon Wheel Farm
Sue Cherry - in Memory of Howie
Darwin Cordell - in Memory of Kowboy Kinner
Ed and Deb Lauricella – Hope Haven Farm
Frank Freebern and Cindy Marsden - in Loving Memory of Ed “Papa” Freebern
Kathy Vrooman - in Memory of Deanay “Denny”
The Small Family - in Memory of William “Bill” Small
The Ainsworth Family – Buddy’s Shining Star and Abby Ainsworth
Tracey Carvell –Top Rail Tack Fulton, NY
Ron Jerrett - in Memory of Ray and Helen Jerrett
Gary and Wendy Diehl

2013 Year End Awards

Leadline – Additional awards sponsored by Pat Lawrence
Champion: Kacee Killam
Reserve: Kloe LaFlamme
Champion: MacKenzie Simon
Reserve: Hannah Reeves
Western Division
Champion: Jamie Snyder
Reserve: Daniel Gabriele
Champion: Beth Reeves
Reserve: Debbie Rosato
Junior A
Champion: Jessica Snyder
Reserve: Cassidy Burnash
Junior B
Champion: Ashley Newcomb
Reserve: Tianna Decheck-Perrine
Champion: Darcy Wilson
Reserve: Ondrea Clark
English Division
Champion: Ella Blunt
Reserve: Jamie Snyder
Champion: Jolene Zaia
Reserve: Erin Schneider
Junior A
Champion: MacKenzie Simon
Reserve: Emily Blunt
Junior B
Champion: Caroline Greene
Reserve: Ashley Newcomb
Champion: Tracy Carvell
Reserve: Robin Manwaring
Gymkhana Division
Champion: Sophie Rose Jurenko
Reserve: Ciarra Coffin
Champion: Kim Johnson
Reserve: Alexa Ariola
Junior A
Champion: Maddie Jurenko,
Reserve: Lexy Schell
Junior B
Champion: Patty Galway
Reserve: Maddie Parkhurst
Champion: Jessica Cupernall
Reserve: Gerald Stone
Founders Award
Jamie Atkinson
Outstanding Participation Award
Hugh Gallagher and Carol Harold
Arena Records
Cloverleaf Barrels – Buckle sponsored by Royal Brittany Stables
Time: 16.337 – Set on 7/13/13 by Gerald Stone riding Gypsy
Polebending – Buckle sponsored by HG Construction
Time: 21.326 - Set on 6/8/13 by Patty Galway riding Dunnit on the Rocks (Charlie)
Sponsored Awards
All Around Horse and Rider – Sponsored by Bob and Connie Esker
Tracy Carvell - (Buckle earned at the August 2 day Show)
Beginner: Ella Blunt (Gift card)
Walk Trot: Kristen Gabriele (Gift card)
Turn N Burn Buckle - Sponsored by North Country Tack Box
(Buckle earned by combined Cloverleaf Barrels and Polebending points at all 2013 shows)
Champion: Patty Galway
Reserve: Maddie Jurenko
Sportsmanship Award – Sponsored by North Country Tack Box
Lexy Schell and Sabrina Fields

The sad old barn that was replaced